Shabby chic camping!

So, those that know me will tell you my annual camping trip to West Wales really is one of the highlights of my year! However, every year I am met with some sceptics, people who would rather stay in a hotel and do not understand why I would voluntarily live under canvas for a week! Well I say to them, you have never camped the shabby chic way!

As expert campers, my family do not go without any creature comfort! The most experienced of all; my mother arrives with several cookers and a portable kitchen many professional chefs would be envious of (well not quite but it is good!) leaving me totally free to fill my car with pretty but totally unnecessary items to make my tent the night of shabby chic beauty!

A few must haves include, bunting, and lots of it! This is very simple stuff I ran up using iron-on glue as I wanted long lengths but it did not have to be the neatest and I couldn’t be bothered to get my sewing machine out!

Another must have is candles! I’m not talking manky citronella things, I nearly always pack a few lovely big candlesticks as well as a selection of hurricane lanterns and glass jars for the more windy evenings, one year I actually brought 2 candelabras!

One of my favourite things is my inflatable sofa! The first year my in-laws came they brought it as a gentle dig at the ridiculous nature of my packing list but it is actually awesome. Cover it up with one of the many blankets I bring (this year I brought 7) and there you have it, fully furnished living room!

Add to that some wicker hearts, twinkle lights, some net curtains and a few floral table cloths and you will find yourself in the heart of shabby chic luxury, a far cry I am sure from many people’s idea of camping! I’d pick my way over a hotel any day!