Table Painting Update!

Hello All,
Hope you are having a lovely summer so far! My life has been super busy since my last post hence the fairly sparse uploading but I’ve got a few things in the pipe line so will get my blogging act together!

If you read my last post you will have seen that I embarked on a major mission to overhaul a lovely but slightly impractical dining table we had been given. Having started with gusto summer started and progress halted! Well Tim and I recently got a Puppy (yes PUPPY!) and I took a few days off work to settle her in. Turns out a job really gets in the bloody way of artistic creativity and on these days off I have actually made some progress so enough waffling, here are some pictures!



I built a vague ‘diamond’ shape of roses using an angled brush and 3 shades of pink (painting messy roses is not that hard but takes a little practice and the right kind of brush) and then bulked it out with some rough leaf type shapes. After letting that dry over night I used a clean sponge and some of the lightest paint heavily watered down to wash over lightly which just softened the edges and dulled down the white of the rest of the table a little (you can see it’s still a little wet and shiny in the pictures but the overall finish will be matte). It still needs some fine touches and in all honesty there is a bit of me that wants to paint over and start again completely but I am one of those people who may never be happy with it and just have to get a grip!

Now I need to decide how to seal it, considering a crackle glaze for an aged look but have yet to really research my options, if you have any suggestions let me know!

take Care,
Jessi xxx


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