Painted table ongoing project!

So it has been ages and ages since my last post, busy lives and some fab holidays have kept me from my computer but there has been one fairly large and ongoing project worth a mention.

A family friend very kindly gave us a lovely large oval dining table and chairs. As lovely as it was, with a highly polished surface in our madhouse as you can see it soon began looking a little bit worse for wear!

table before full
table before half

It ended up pretty much permanently having a cloth on it, so much to my long-suffering husbands despair I decided to give it the shabby chic treatment!

After a light sanding I started with a coat of primer.
top with primer

legs with primer

Not too pretty just yet!! But after 2 coats of off white satin wood paint it began to look better! Then it was time to add the pretty bits- roses! Easy I thought, but actually a bit trickier than expected. YouTube to the rescue and after watching a couple of videos on the art of painting roses and a bit of practice I poured a glass of wine and bit the bullet!

jessi painting instagram 2

jessi painting instagram

So far so good but still a lot to do. I have got a bit further than these pictures show and I haven’t even started on the chairs but I think it will look good in the end.

I have painted some other bits of furniture in the past but this is the first time I have gone floral so a bit of trial and error here. Will keep you posted when I finally get it done!



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