Where it all began…

So, as my wedding is where this all began it seems to make sense to write a post on the choices I made in terms of style and decor (some might say theme but I’m not a fan of that word it makes me think of fancy dress weddings!)

As I think I have mentioned about a billion times, I knew I wanted shabby chic and I knew I wanted vintage. Beyond that the only thing I really knew was that I did not want everything to look too matching- I am far too chaotic for that sort of thing and everything being the exact shade just is not me. I settled on a vague palate of pink through to a plummy purple but also ended up with splashes of blue on the table flowers due to the beautiful hydrangeas a lovely old lady down my road allowed us to pinch!


Now I know everyone will say this but my idea for mismatched vintage Crockery came long before the craze fully took hold sparked initially when I watched the film Mama Mia believe it or not! I had wanted dinner plates but they turned out harder to get hold of (and end up covered in food!) so side plates it was! I went a bit against popular choice these days and opted for straight tables, my reason being that I think you get more overall impact for less in terms flowers and candles if you can have several dotted along a table rather than one thing in the middle of a round one.


I mentioned in a previous post that champagne corks were enlisted as place name holders (champagne is honestly my favourite thing in the world!) and another thing that I think really added something was embossing powder! Random I know but hand written names were made a bit more special by using silver embossing powder and it is really quick and easy to do yourself. I also used this to edge the order of service covers and various other bits and bobs which in my opinion helped to take the things I made from ‘home made’ to ‘hand made’ if that makes any sense!?


So this is getting rambly and probably very boring so I will leave it there (of course I could talk for weeks on this stuff!) but I may revisit my wedding to talk about specific projects in detail in later posts.

Ohhhh! One other thing I must mention was our wedding cake! Neither my husband or I have a particularly sweet tooth so the thought of spending several hundreds of pounds on cake did not appeal but we wanted something to cut and something that looked good.. So a cheese cake!! Not the desert, a cake made up off rounds of cheese. In my mind much better value, it looked great and we served it up as a cheese course! Yum!



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