Wine cork, picture frame pin board!

So first blog post ..eek! I thought I would start with a post about one of my more recent creations.

If your anything like me and tend to buy random items with the intention of ‘doing them up’ only to forget all about it, you will understand how I came to have a large gold frame with no picture wedged down the back of my sofa for a year.

I also happened to have a vast amount of wine corks that I amassed on the run up to my wedding – not from stress drinking although there was a fair bit of that, but we used them as place card holders and my family showed great enthusiasm in helping me collect them!

One random day I decided to combine both items in a way that would still have them hanging around my house but in a slightly more aesthetically pleasing way, and this is the result!


The corks and frame have been united in a way that makes me really quite happy! At the moment its just got a few of my wedding pics on as you can see below, but it could easily be used to display a seating plan or happy couple messages. At my wedding we had lots of photos of friends and family that these would have been perfect for this (isn’t hind sight a wonderful thing!)


The best thing is you do not have to be at all artistically skilled to do this. Just take the glass out of the frame and replace the back board, cut the corks to the right depth (I found just less than thirds but it depends on your frame) and use hot glue to fix in shape.



I tried to mix texture and colour, the red wine ones take on a lovely colour!
So if you have an old frame and a Rioja habit why not give it a go!

Happy crafting!
Jessi xxx


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