Home1When I got engaged in July 2010 I immediately began planning my ultimate shabby chic wedding for the following year. As part of the plan I had my whole family scouring the country for vintage plates, cups, saucers and tea pots. Afterwards I felt unable to part with the lovely treasures so I have decided to share them with others who have the same love for all things vintage and truly beautiful.

I wanted my day to feel personal and hand crafted, luckily I am a crafty person and so made pretty much everything for the day myself. If you want the same personal look and feel but dont feel as confident or just dont have the time to spare, why not let me help you style and create a special and personal event that looks like you made every last detail yourself.
I hope you find everything you need on this website, any questions give me a ring or email for a quote.

Jessi xxx